Best Places to Visit in Kerala During Monsoon

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Places to Visit in Kerala During Monsoon

At any moment in the year, Kerala is one of the best locations to visit. The best months to visit are expected from December to February. It might be that way, but we can also understand that in Kerala, the Monsoon produces magic! Here are some significant reasons for visiting the Monsoon in Kerala. The Monsoon provides pleasure and a fantastic moment. Two rainy seasons are here in Kerala, with the first beginning in June and the second ending in mid-October.

About Monsoon in Kerala!

As one of the tropical destination, Kerala is now at heavenly climate throughout this monsoon season. Hanging an ideal balance in between the unsmooth areas and therefore in the coastal region, Monsoon in Kerala square measure majorly of 2 varieties.

North-East Monsoon

The next form of Monsoon is the north-east Monsoon that starts from the month of October through November, whereby the typical temperature fluctuates from twenty-nine to thirty-five degrees. Throughout this era of Monsoon, one will feel the cold and chill as Kerala is welcoming the winter season further!

South West Monsoon

With the onset of southwest Monsoon from the month of Gregorian calendar month till Sep, Kerala enjoys a pleasing climate with its average temperature go-between nineteen to thirty degrees.

In contrast to some other locations in Kerala, monsoons don’t take the form of continuous rain for days or weeks. The typical pattern is that a few hours later, it flows through the moist palm fronts with golden interludes of gentle sunlight.

Relaxing at home with a cup of warm tea and hearing the rain that flashes the windows create some peace and calm, which can’t be experienced too many times. And one thing can improve this experience–paradise vacations such as locations to visit in Kerala. And there is nothing. Although there are other amazing places to hunt Monsoon in India, Kerala is beating all of them. It’s time to plan a monsoon tour of Kerala to experience some of the most excellent sights and to experience the fascinating weather in God’s Own Country.

As we are known as God’s own country, we are also declared as the best tourist spot that too among the world’s top 10 paradises. Kerala is a place with plenty of nature and greenery. Although it’s undoubtedly lovely all year round, during the mountains, Kerala gets an appealing charm while the rain enhances the feeling of calm by wrapping the lush green forests and countless Lakes and best backwaters in Kerala. You can relax in the cold darkness of the monsoons or appreciate the sunshine. Enjoy the greenery and the lively cultivation of hurricanes. The temperatures range between 29 and 23 degrees Celsius. The Monsoon is, therefore, one of the best times to get to Kerala.

Hence we can discuss some of the places that you should visit during these Monsoon Days!

Some of the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon are listed here.



Kovalam is a quiet coastal city, a large area of greenery lined with countless cocoon trees. It is home to the renowned Kovalam Beach, considered to be one of Kerala’s best beaches. Although visiting a beach during the rainy season may seem counter-intuitive, Kovalam is a beautiful experience.



Alappuzha is the center from the best backwater in Kerala and is considered a place where visitors can relax on a holiday boat in Kerala more frequently called Alleppey. The city also houses an extensive waterway network full of canoes and floating stores that give it the nickname’ Eastern Venice.’ Just rent and float and look over paddy fields while you go in boathouse Alappuzha!

Easy Routs in Boathouse Alappuzha

Alleppey-Kuttanad: Famous for its paddy areas, it has a vast network of shallow water and is an outstanding destination for village life. Farming in this region is intriguingly underwater.

Alleppey-Kumarakom: A lot of luxury resorts in this region are situated on the banks of Lake Vembanad. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is known as well. The canals are far broader, And the lake’s vast expanse you are going to cross.

Alleppey-Alumkadavu: It is a particularly lengthy cruise situated close to Kollam and is either a day journey or a return journey overnight. Traditionally, the houseboats are produced there.


Lake Ashtamudi called it one of the most pristine locations to visit in Kerala during monsoons due to its eight arms or its canals, known for its beautiful homestays and houseboats. Sit under coconut on the banks, eat new catches and enjoy Ayurvedic massages soothingly. You will be taken to locations like Kumarakom, Kottayam, and Alinkadavu (that is near to Kollam) from the Alleppey, in the different waters. Many destinations suit all travel plans. There are several destinations. Houseboats are generally traveling slowly about 40-50 km (25-30 miles) every day through the backwaters so that many distinct landscapes will be displayed.


Thekkady is rich with the Periyar forest. It is one among India’s most beautiful and best wildlife reserves. And what better time to add Thekkady to your list of monsoon locations in Kerala than this? Go on tour by Jungle Night Patrol and Bamboo Rafting. It’s one of the highlights of the monsoon tour in Kerala. You can also visit the nearest places like Periyar National Park, Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple, Suruli Falls, Mullaperiyar Dam.



Bekal is the ideal place for the holiday. Bekal is a place of various landscapes and has a perfect image of an ideal vacation destination with its magnificent forts, stylish beaches, and majestic lush green mountains. All of this beauty is significantly increased in monsoons with freshness and fragrance. It is one of the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon. The place is beautifully subdued, and the peace with the calming sounds of nature fascinates the soul.


What can be said when Monsoon looks over this unbelievable location? The atmosphere of Munnar is known for its rolling mountains, its nebulous, surreal environment, extensive tea plantings, and relaxing climate, and it’s winds and mist canopies during the monsoon are only improved. In all its pride, the city arises with heavy showers forming wondrous streams and cascades. A visit to this site in the monsoon will surely convince you to come home and wonder about its beauty over and over again. You will be delighted with the dark scenes and cool shades but also the lush, fertile scenery and excellent photographic attractions.



Rich in biodiversity, this location is also in many eco-tourists’ travel chart, some of whom prefer to visit the city during monsoons. In Kuttikkanam, a lovely village in Idukki, monsoon is particularly marvelous. The touch of rain makes the whole of nature dreamlike. The leaves are in tune with the heavenly shower moody rhythm. Go on a mountain walk and enjoy foggy roads, cloudy mountain pitches, and greenery. For those who seek to discover happiness in nature, it’s an ideal weekend break.


The beaches in Kerala comprise of jagged outcrops, the topography is distinctive and changes suddenly as you progress from the North to the South of Kerala. One feature is constant although, the beaches square measure all dotted with coconut trees in massive numbers. Dense groves of coconut trees extend everywhere the state together with slightly more vegetation that creates the state change state throughout the monsoons. The lineation is additionally a hub of fishing activity; therefore, you may see fishers going regarding their business and mistreatment distinctive contraptions right along the beach. Enjoy, freshly overdone, spicy ocean fish on the beach, courtesy of the fishermen who offer the recent manufacture.

Mararikulam, a village within the Alleppey district, incorporates a stunning beach that becomes even additional enticing throughout the monsoons. It’s an ideal place to unwind, far away from the hustle of the big world! The Marari beach has been a recipient of different accolades due to its natural beauty and tranquillity. This is an excellent place to induce associate degree Ayurvedic treatment too.

With a tropical climate and two mountain ranges a year, Mararikulam turns into a beautiful country throughout the mountains. This place provides a relaxing atmosphere and a welcome break from city life. The main attraction is the gigantic and attractive Marari Beach, the perfect place to relax. This beach village is located only 12 km from Alleppey and 60 km from Kochi. It is still profoundly intact within the Kerala fishing culture.



Every year, the fame of the nebulous and majestic Athirapally Falls captivates thousands of tourists. The luxuriant greenery contrasts perfectly with the visual splendor to please every viewer’s mind. A visual treat that is still unmatched to any other location on earth is to visit the waterfall during the Monsoon. With luxuriant foliage and gushing fall, the monsoons square measure the most straightforward time to go to Kerala, as varied reminder inexperienced produce an attractive natural canvas. This is one among the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon season.


Wayanad would be one amongst the foremost fascinating and romantic locations to go to throughout mountains in Kerala as a result of it’s encircled by a jungle with the perfect picket buildings to fancy the drying weather. Get unimaginable opinions of the depression, swim underneath the body of water, practice the rough tea and low plantations, or have time in tree homes and huge the hills! Here you have got a good time.

To experience the real beauty of these places, ATDC offers different packages that will take you to an unforgettable, mesmerizing ride that will make you wish to for a vacation in God’s own Country again. To book Alleppey houseboats in Kerala or to know details, contact us.

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