Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

Posted On September 20, 2019 by ATDC

It is a unique moment for your Honeymoon. This is your time to learn about your better half. Please spend this lovely time in one of India’s most beautiful honeymoon sites providing honeymoon destinations in Kerala. If you are appealing to Kerala. Get into the hot dawns of amber and share the memories with God’s Own Country the exotic flora, wildlife and spices. Take the ship as your companion snakes you in one knee down the backwaters. Lovely. This spot is a paradise for a couple. A trip to one of the most romantic places in the world does not only mark the beginning of your new journey, but it is also the best way to celebrate ancient vows with a second wedding. Just contact our Kerala Tour Packages team and take advantage of the cheapest and safest tours. Choose from a wide range of charming locations, get a personalized itinerary from our specialists and start your romantic getaway.

1. Munnar


Munnar is one of India’s most excellent and most famous honeymoon destinations in Kerala. Green mountains and scenic beauty surround the pretty hill station, and it can run for your cash even for heavyweights such as Shimla and Darjeeling. The tea plantations distributed all over the place to enhance its beauty. You can take a walk along the winding route with your partner and enjoy the beauty around. The nebulous Munnar mountains are an excellent place to relax with your unique personality. Also checkout some places to visit in Kerala during monsoon.

2. Kundala

On the manner to Top Station, around 20 km from Munnar town, Kundala is a photogenic location. In Kundala, the first dam in Asia is an artificial dam, and boating at this dam is a romantic experience, making it an absolute must-see among honeymoon sites in Kerala. The dam, where Neela Kurunji, is a renowned flora that once blooms in twelve years, has numerous valleys and hills, Kundala has. You can boat on a pedal, shikhara and riverboard on the Kundala Dam and if you’re fortunate when the cherry flower occurs twice a year, you can visit the Kundala Dam.

3. Kumarakom

In the backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom, Kerala still boasts many of its first rivers. Take one cruise that too through the waterfront of Kumarakom to see the green rice paddies and the green coconut groves nearby. Kumarakom is recommended for couples because Kumarakom has extensive water backwaters, unlike Alleppey’s narrow backwater paths which are a lot busier. Please you need to consider booking the houseboat from the month of August to February if you plan to visit the backwaters of Kerala. The summer months are the best time for visiting the Natural beauty of Kerala, which gives the most exquisite food, the less crowded and the pleasant climate, while the monsoon brings shutters and the stormy weather.

4. Alleppey


Although Kerala is world-renowned for houseboat variants of traditional Kettuvalloms, it is all about enjoying the backwater scenes in tight channels. There are many large and tiny canals, and to explore the backwaters of Alleppey, you must travel through them. Shikara Rides fade away in the assault of boathouse Alappuzha, but still, some quiet areas are where you can feel the quietness of the Kerala Village in the backwaters by entering deep into lovely locations in Kuttánad like Kainakary, Arunootampadam, Kuppappuram, Kuttamangalam, Chennamkary, Meenapalli and Venattukad. You can also get to these canals by a wooden small country boat and speed-boat rarely.

In Alleppey or Kumarakom backwaters, Kerala still boasts many of its first rivers. Take a cruise to Kumarakom’s backwater to enjoy close views of green rice paddies, greenery etc. For couples as the best backwaters in Kerala is Alleppey that are much more attractive, as opposed to the small backwater environments here. Enjoy a houseboat cruise and watch the beach of Alappuzha, enjoy the transparent crystal water in the sun that too in houseboat Alleppey!

5. Marari Beach

With bright sun, Marmaris sparkling turquoise-blue waters are an attraction, and both honeymooners and experienced travellers love delicious food. You may prefer to dip in a swimming pool in the cottage before you begin the morning with a beach walk. Instant pick-up for any partner is swimming in a vast lake, with privacy secret. Make some beautiful memories and play a few games, perhaps. After a couple of days walking and walking, there is nothing to relax, tired legs like spending a few days in the swimming pool before sleeping well.

6. Wayanad

Wayanad is another famous destination for honeymoons in Kerala. This location has an incomparable natural glory. You can spend a romantic and beautiful time with your partner in the lakes, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuary. This beautiful place provides a lovely honeymoon in the ideal landscape and climate.

7. Thekkady


With its lively flora and fauna, Thekkady is one of the most lovely locations in Kerala. Like if you seek loneliness in the most peaceful and charming areas of your luncheon and Thekkady provides it. You will feel like entering your shrine with exquisite flora and fauna. The beautiful jungles create for a romantic and adventurous trip here.

8. Poovar

By the endless golden colored sand on the Poovar beach, sea that is on the outermost lakes, sparkling backwaters, coconut palms waving along with the backwaters & the cloudy sunsets at sea, this Honeymoon is the magic of a magical atmosphere around you, without a distinctive stay…
Floating house in Poovar is a fantastic opportunity for you to stay as boats get to the jetty, with a small balcony facing towards the backwaters with incredible views over the estuary of Poovar, where the beaches, the lake and the sea together forms to make the beauty unparalleled. Boarding houses are separated from the town at Resort Poovar Island, and a boating ride through the water is the only way of communication a few times daily.

9. Bekal

Bekal should surely appear at the head of your honeymoon destinations in Kerala list if you look to find some of the best spots in South India. Ruins of majestic forts and beautiful beaches are to be found here. The exotic location and it provides couples an escape from the natural world make this place once more a great getaway. The waters and beaches are excellent places to spend some time with us. Explore the magnificent caves, spend time together at the fort Bekal, offering an exceptional perspective over the site and enjoy romantic beach walks.

10. Vagamon


What will be the honeymoon with outdoor grassy mountains, sun-drinking lawns, and cold mountain water is what any pair can enjoy! Go to Vagamon if you want to escape crowds. Although the landscape of Vagamon draws tourists from all around the globe, a green wilderness that extends far and wide prevents them from returning for more. You can watch sunset across the green waters and watch Vagamon have a shadow of culture and is essential to multiple cultures in Kerala, with beautiful Murugan hills, the Thangal and the Kurisumalas.

11. Kovalam

Watch the sunset across green wetlands to watch Vagamon have a cultural hue. All-round pleasant weather and fascinating environments are what makes Kovalam one of India’s best locations for the snowmobile. The nebulous hills and the lovely beaches create a perfect getaway for all couples. Kovalam could readily recommend Kovalam for the best sunset locations in India in May when the season starts in the summer, for a romantic stroll on Lighthouse beach, spend time observing the sunset and the taste of some excellent cuisine at Kovalam Beach.

12. Kollam


Jatayu is a Ramayana ancient bird who had attempted to save Sita from the king Ravana on his manner to Lanka while Ravana encountered Rama & Lakshmana on a journey to Lanka. Jatayu Nature Park will thought to have been the same place where Jatayu defeated & fell down ,died is a nature reserve in Kollam, Kerala. In the State of Kerala, the private-public tourism was initial & took initiative under the template Build Operation and Transfer. Jatayu Nature Park has the biggest sculpture in the world, and adventure lovers will quickly be able to enjoy these theme park with rocks, the cable vehicle service and the local flying boat service.

To experience the real beauty of these places, ATDC offers different packages that will take you to an unforgettable, mesmerizing ride that will make you wish to for a vacation in God’s own Country again. To book Alleppey houseboats in Kerala or to know details, contact us.

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