Top Ecotourism Destinations in Kerala

Posted On October 15, 2019 by ATDC

The Arabian coast, on the Indian coast of Malabar, is almost 600 kilometers long. The beaches and backwaters of it are known for their palm-line network of canals. The western ghats are inland, and the slopes of the mountains are home to the tea, coffee, spices and fauna plantations. The ecotourism destinations in Kerala are mind blowing. These ecotourism destinations are the backbone to make Kerala more beautiful. There are many tourist places in Alleppey to visit.

1. Thenmala


Thenmala is known as the “honey hills,” one of Kerala and India’s top planned ecotourism destinations. At an elevation of 1650 meters over the hectares like dense forests lies Thenmala. There is plenty of herbal sweetness on the property. Ecotourism promotional society in Thenmala offers the best opportunities for leisure, culture, entertainment, and education. In line with the tourists ‘ needs, there are designated areas. The musical dance fountain mainly in culture zone is the highlight. At the restaurant, visitors can enjoy traditional dishes in Kerala or enjoy some memorable shopping.

Have a look at the amphitheater’s art & culture in Kerala. Step to the recreational area for breathtaking views that relax the mind, body, and soul. Continue down to the boardwalk dam. The tourists, mainly for children, are inspired by a sturdy bridge. Find out the best attractive sculpture garden that is devoted to man and nature. The adventure area offers mountain bikes, hiking, and crossing the river. Experience a revitalizing boat trip in the wildlife sanctuary of shenduruny; stay in nature blessed ecotours in deer rehabilitation centre.

2. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

It was noted at the ecotourism sites in Kerala for the ecological importance of the Peppara wildlife refuge. Peppara that is blessed with evergreen tropical, semi-green and mixed lagoon forests with moist spread over a 53-acre area. A fun picnic area is the dam Peppara which is across the Karamana River. The landscape is characterized by thick forests, terrain that is rocky, lush fauna, the sparkling rivers. In the sanctuary, there are approximately 13 tribes. Such groups live in a peaceful climate, as the authorities sanctuary secure them. Numerous wild species in the area that are exciting for safari and types of adventures. You can also read the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon.

Peppara has 43 mammal species, 233 bird species, 46 reptilian species, 13 amphibian species, and 27 fish species. To birdwatchers and also to the butterfly lovers, it is particularly attractive. Many seasons there is more easy to find birds and butterflies. The guides and watchtowers allow you to explore the rare beauty. Discover the beautiful scenery. Treks need the forestry department’s prior permission. Kerala Tourism recently made a joint effort to improve the barrier site and offer more entertainment & leisure facilities with the state forestry department and Kerala water authority. Lion’s Safari park, hill station at Ponmudi, Kallar, Anapara are also ecotours to the city. Experience the natural beauty that too without harming the environment and the communities living in it.

3. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Aralam sanctuary is situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats with many acres of undulated forested highlands. Katti Betta, 1145 m tall, is the highest peak here. Aralam has an extensive range of flora and fauna in the tropical & the semi-green forests that are native of the hill regions in Kerala. The ecotourism destinations in Kerala make the best feeling to the tourist people. Aralam, a home to several birds and wildlife that are uniquely distinguished from the countryside of the Kerala, elephant, sambar deer, bison, deer, bear, jungle cats and various squirrels species. An overnight stay in the wood watchtower makes the sanctuary experience which is ideal.

Near the watchtower are the magnificent Meentmutty waterfalls. Even allowable is trekking. A 14-km-talk to Meenmutty falls is accessible from Valayanchat. The calm Aralam river is a perfect picnic spot, not too far from the shrine. Relax the lush scenery & the blessed nature experience. Ecotours provide false memories of Kerala’s scenic setting. You can spend more time with the uncluttered world.

4. Gavi

Exemplary picturesque beauty is Gavi’s only explanation. The route goes through tea and cardamom, woods and waterfalls, and so on during a two-hour jeep trial in Kumilio. Gavi’s flora and wildlife is rich. There are hills and valleys, the wetlands of rainforests, large prairies, sholes and waterfalls. More and more are available. Sighting endangered species such as Nilgiri Tahr and lion-tailed macaque are often spotted on the outskirts of Gavi. Gavi is a bird-watching sanctuary for over 260 species of birds, including the bigfoot birds, woodpeckers, and royal fish. Including bird watching, tourists may sail or canoe at reservoir lake.

On the way to the Pullumedu Peak, you have the best panoramic view, including the famous sanctuary of Sabarimala. Adventurers can walk to Meenar or the valley to see the deep gully below in admiration. You need a local guide and an elephant chaser to accompany you. You can stay in eco-lodge overlooking lake Gavi and the woods. You can also live in a tree-top house and tell yourself frankly that you enjoy every moment.

5. Alappuzha


Alappuzha has always had a prominent role in Kerala’s maritime history. Alappuzha is known as East Venice. It is now renowned for the boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products, and coir company. The popular picnic spot is Alappuzha beach. The jetty which runs here to the sea is 137 years old. Vijaya beach park entertainment venues contribute to the beach’s appeal. There is also a nearby old lighthouse which all tourists are fascinated with.

The Boathouse Alappuzha is another enjoyable experience in Alappuzha. The houseboats in Alappuzha waters are simply a reworking version of the kettuvallams from the past. Houseboats in Alleppey, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, and Kasaragod are available widely which gives the best nourishment and best moments in your travel. It is one of the best ecotourism destinations in Kerala. Check out some of the best backwaters in Kerala to visit.

6. Rhodo Valley

In this high-altitude region in Munnar, Rhodes valley, as the name implies, is where rhododendrons abound. This grass-covered “Silent Valley” plateau houses many endangered animal species. You have to walk on several tracks from Silent Valley tea estate to enjoy the scenic beauty. The treks include land’s end camp, the Rhodo valley camp, lake view camp. A two-day hike stops at a forest hut for the night and back to home via the Rhodo Valley.

An orchidarium and garden are near the KFDC office on Mattupetty Road. You’ll land on an orchid farm at Kadalar on a trek from Rajamalai through thick shola forests. Part of the route is through the jeep. There are some lovely lakes in the area. Accommodation is provided for the dormitory. A few excellent resorts are in the area. For every tourist in Kerala ecotours into the Rhodo Valley look for relief from restricting lifestyles in the comfortable natural seat.  Get some beautiful honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

7. Thommankuthu


In deep forests in the Idukki district lies Thommankuthu. The wild nature of the green and mountain rivers that flow from the mountains creates the magic appeal of the city. The place’s topography is as strange as the name. It comprises a waterfall seven levels, spread over five kilometers, from 1500 m to 500 m. A waterfall and a pool are underneath at each stage. In the meantime, there are deep secret caves. Tourists naturally hurry to this place for an unexpected treat. The gap is only 20 km away.

When you play, you can hike 12 kilometers to the top of the mountain where the waterfall begins. But, in the shallow pools down you can enjoy as much. Go boating, watching birds and camping in the afternoon. A variety of hotels in Thodupuzha are available for those who want comfort. There is even a dairy in the neighborhood. The ecotour to the wounded wooded waterfall is increasing slowly. To tourists finding a break from the noise of cities, this is a relaxing getaway.

8. Kumbalangi

This is one of the beautiful ecotourism destinations in Kerala. It is a small island village in Kerala, the best example of the little fishing village which has become the best thriving destination for the past few years. It is part of the integrated village tourism program and is a groundbreaking project to turn the small island into a fishing model Dorf & an environmental friendly tourist destination.

Experience a range of beauties and the excellent ecological balance in the area is a key to model tourist village. The island, which is renowned for its homestays, gives visitors a look into the local way of life and culture. As part of the rural development efforts of the Kerala government, Kumbalangi was established as the state’s first and best model village tourism. Kumbalangi’s self-sustaining ecotourism destination provides local people with jobs. Kerala is widely highly regarded as a country of tourist destination.

To experience the real beauty of these places, ATDC offers different packages that will take you to an unforgettable, mesmerizing ride that will make you wish to for a vacation in God’s own Country again. To book Alleppey houseboats in Kerala or to know details, contact us.

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