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A backwater cruise on a houseboat shows mirror still lagoons, manmade scenic islands, wafted coconut aromas and paddy fields. Get the luxurious houseboat experience with all modern amenities offered by ATDC-Alleppey Tourism Development Co-operative Society Ltd., which is the premier body in the Alleppey district, Kerala. With much leisure promised, Alleppey tour packages by ATDC are apt for those who love uninterrupted me-time, quietude and nature.

Alleppey Boat House

A trip to Kerala will definitely fill you with beautiful memories. Feel the pristine backwaters by relaxing in the Alleppey houseboat and enjoy waterfalls, lush green hill stations and plantations of spice and tea by choosing a breathtaking tour package with us. Experience an ayurvedic massage and taste the South Indian exotic cuisines that awaken the taste buds. Alleppey boat house house booking online is open for you with best prices. Many choices welcome you to God’s own country. So enjoy your days with your family here and take back lifelong memories.

Are you planning for a visit soon? Choose the best Alleppey boat house and we are ready to customize the deals.

Alleppey Travel Guide

ATDC happily welcomes everyone to enjoy and feel the earthy aromas and cool breeze of
God’s own country with amazing and customized tour packages.

Fair & Festival
How to reach

Explore Alleppey

Discover the gorgeous places in the Venice of East, “Alleppey” that await you.
Explore the backwaters, villages, paddy fields and much more in Alleppey houseboats with us.

A perfect blend:
Alappuzha houseboat and Kerala climate

True to its name, Kerala is god’s own country and is one of the most beautiful places with backwaters, scenic lakes, canals, rivers and lagoons that lies parallel to Arabian sea coast and flows inland in the Kerala coast from Cochin to Quilon. Even though Kerala experience a pleasant climate throughout the year, the best time to visit in Alleppey boathouse is from August to April. The long coast line that spreads one side in 590 kilometers and Western Ghats on the other side brings a joy in every heart of Keralite that the climate is neither hot nor cold. Alleppey tour packages thus make its customers to enjoy an all-season destination which is ideal to be in this marvelous state.

Verdant hill stations, stunning beaches, serene backwaters with historical destinations that showcase the rich cultural heritage –the days that Kerala offers to any visitors would never end and there is much more to explore in Kerala. Make sure you never miss Alappuzha boathouse Kerala when coming for a visit in this dream land.

So when is the best time to visit Kerala backwaters in a customized Alappuzha boathouse? Is there any peak time to visit and undergo Ayurveda treatments? You can enjoy a backwater cruise at any season, but since Kerala throws up sudden bursts of monsoon showers, you may not enjoy as much as you can.

Some family choose to be in Kerala during monsoon (June-July) as they believe Kerala exhibits the real beauty during this season and they hire houseboat in Alleppey with an ayurvedic treatment. March to May gets humid and hot, so if you plan to visit Kerala during this time, hiring an air conditioned houseboat is highly recommended.

Regardless of the season you visit, you can choose between a day cruise or overnight cruise in a houseboat. Enjoy the authentic South Indian cuisine and relax on board by spotting species of aquatic life like crabs, otters, turtles and beautiful birds like cormorants, kingfishers and terns that flock the area. You can also plan a visit in time to celebrate various beach festivals in Alleppey like The Alleppey Beach Festival and The Sand Art Festival.

Packages to grab
mind and soul

Get ready to grab the captivating experience in the best houseboat in Alleppey. Riding through bent mangroves with wafting coconut aroma and beautiful sceneries, the houseboats float on serene backwaters to make beautiful memories for a lifetime. Alappuzha boathouse caters travelers with various budget packages with essential luxuries and amenities. Depending on the offering of services the rates may vary from INR 5000 to INR 1,50,000 per night. Houseboat categories are as follows:

If you are looking for an alleppey houseboat with minimal décor and a single room, it is advisable to choose the budget houseboat.
Standard class Alleppey tour packages with standard houseboats will offer you fairly good amenities with a modern bedroom, bathroom within your budget. The experience will be much luxurious with different varieties of Kerala food.
Luxury class Enjoy the ultimate luxury each night at Alleppey houseboat with best of all facilities. The houseboat will be furnished with 2-3 bedrooms, sophisticated décor and a living room. You will never forget the experience you get from a luxury class houseboat and the food that awakens your taste buds.
Premium luxury class Get the unsurmountable and unmatched experience with the Alleppey houseboat. Imagine a beautiful night with your family watching the beauty of gods own country with a mild breeze that touches your body along with delicious South Indian food. Yes, the experience will be unforgettable.

Along with regular offerings, more customization choices are at your feet while staying in a houseboat. Be it room facilities, food, or any other kind of service, you are going to enjoy the days. Before you board the houseboat, special requests on food must be made to enjoy an ultimate delicacy on boat. Best houseboats in Alleppey even arrange something mind-blowing party, candle-light dinner on your request.

Lifetime experience at
Alappuzha houseboat

The wafting aromas of coconut grooves and green lush paddy fields form the archway for houseboats in Alleppey. It is quite mesmerizing to get the feel of wild greenery and rich cultivation on both the sides of calm backwaters. The calmness and serenity flows into your mind in this soothing environment. The earthy smell and the cool wind are awesome feel elements for any time you spend in the Alleppey houseboat. You will feel extra coziness in the occasional rainfall that showers onto the land of God’s own country. Enjoy the enchanting music created especially for you by the nature with swishing of water and chirping of birds. With so much to feel, Alleppey houseboats Kerala is perfect for those who love privacy.

Most of the tourists choose for private houseboats to stay for 1D/1N. The popular routes for a perfect tour package in the Kerala backwaters include:

  • Alleppey –Vembanad Lake – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Champakulam – Chennamkary – Kainakary – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Thottappally – Nedumudi – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Alumkadavu

Experience and absorb all that you come across amidst a journey in houseboat. The breathtaking landscapes to the mere native nuances of people around and much more, we are sure you are going to capture precious moments at your heart for a lifetime.

A wide range of sights- the green fields with villagers sowing, towering coconut trees, family enjoying their time, kids climbing on trees are on your way. Also, get ready to fee the myriad of superb aromas that are powerful to hypnotize- yes, the strong smell of coffee and those yummy tummy Chicken Chettinad.

Want to know more details to spend awesome vacation with your friends and family? Book online with us for an amazing trip immediately.

Alleppey: A must visit destination
in a lifetime

Get more than you seek for at the Venice of East, “Alleppey”. With attractions like Vembanad lake, Alleppey beach to those who love the nature, Mannarasala Temple, ancient churches, Alleppey is much more a delightful experience to its travelers. Alappuzha means a land between sea and the river and it connects Cochin and Kumarakom to North and Kollam to the South. The rice fields of Kuttanad welcome you with an utmost peace of mind in the cool breeze where you will feel fresh than ever before. Alleppey is truly blessed with world famous backwaters that evoke your sensations to be in the God’s own country forever.

If there is a heaven on earth, it would be Alleppey backwaters and the best means of enjoying the real beauty of Alleppey is through a boathouse. In earlier days, transportation of grains was done using the houseboats. But it is a part of all luxury visits and Alleppey tour packages comforts you with a plethora of choices depending on your luxury, budget and facilities. What makes Kuttanad a unique place is that it is the only place in the world where rice fields are grown below sea level. The best possible way to view this beautiful land synergy is by houseboat in Alleppey to Changanasseri. Another unique charm offered by Alleppey is the village life and can be witnessed by a walk through the villages around Alleppey. It is the peaceful villages; architectural heritage, canals and lovely beach give the unique charm of Venice of East.

Alleppey boat house booking online is open always to bring you to the land of memories. Come and enjoy!!

Travelers Review

Gud enjoying a lot it is gud place to spend time with family and friends.... The staff was gud food was very good.... cleanness well maintained...... praise is little bit more rooms are very good condition and in the morning weather is nice

kashif 9

Gud enjoying a lot it is gud place to spend time with family and friends.... The staff was gud food was very good.... cleanness well maintained...... praise is little bit more rooms are very good condition and in the morning weather is nice

kashif 9

Gud enjoying a lot it is gud place to spend time with family and friends.... The staff was gud food was very good.... cleanness well maintained...... praise is little bit more rooms are very good condition and in the morning weather is nice

kashif 9


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A trip with ATDC through the tranquilizing backwaters of Allapuzha,
will leave you mesmerized with their exotic tour package collections.

Which is the ideal time to visit Alappuzha?


Although throughout the year, Alappuzha experiences a pleasant weather, it is best to visit during December-February months are the peak season for Alleppey houseboat tourism. Summer season is from March to May. The summers are very hot and humid, but still, you can enjoy a trip down the backwaters in a houseboat. But houseboat trips in Alappuzha are restricted in the rainy season. June to August is the monsoon when it is a lean season for Alappuzha houseboats. Again from September-November Alappuzha houseboats are open for tourists are the weather is slightly warm with showers in-between.

What all means of transportation are available to reach Alleppey?


Alleppey can be accessed by all means of transportation – by air, rail, or even by road. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Alleppey. From there you can easily hire a cab to get from Cochin airport to Alleppey. You can also reach Alappuzha by train from cities like Cochin or Thiruvananthapuram. There are bus services operating from Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram as well and enjoy the scenic roadside beauty. Likewise, you can also hire the cab as Alappuzha is well-connected by highways. It is the most convenient way to travel around attractions, especially when traveling in groups.

How safe is it staying in a houseboat?


After a ride during the day, the houseboat is halted safely in during the night. The crew and the staff members at houseboats are specially trained in life-saving techniques and providing first aid in any case of emergency who will take special care to meet tourists’ requirements. So it is a safe and a secured stay in Alleppey houseboats.

What are the specialties offered in ATDC?


ATDC packages offer the captivating experience for the mind and soul with its enchanting exotic beauty of God’s Own Country. It is a lifetime experience at the heavenly Alappuzha houseboats that is worth a try once in a lifetime.

Are there vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available for meals available on houseboats?


Yes, we do have both options. Our guests to the Alappuzha houseboats can customize the food menu based on their preferences and if you are pure vegetarian, only vegetarian dishes will be served.

Will there be local agents to assist at the houseboat?


Yes, we have permanent staff and crew members in the houseboat to serve you. And moreover, our representatives are also responsible to monitor throughout your chosen tour package to help you enjoy your trip.

Do you arrange pick-up and drop service to the houseboat?


We can arrange for pick-up and drop service especially for you on request.