Must-Visit Travel Destinations in Kerala

Posted On November 8, 2019 by ATDC

In Kerala, there are many places to visit, that it is not enough for even a week’s travel. It is such a dynamic and magnificent land that it is recognized as the nation of God. In India, Kerala is one such state which is a mixture of stunning beauty and sorcery.

1. Alleppey


A gateway of the best backwaters in Kerala, Alleppey is the base of a vast network of waterways and coir industries. This beautiful city, officially known as Alappuzha, borders the Laccadive Sea and revivifies ayurvedic resorts. Start arriving in boathouse Alappuzha’s cruise through its quiet backwaters, discovering green paddy fields, stunning avifauna, and Kerala’s local life.

Alleppey beach lies in the Arab Sea, and this beach’s beauty is only strengthened by its history. Houseboats, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Vembanad Dam, Pallippuram, and Drift Museum on the Bay Island are some of the beautiful tourist places in Alleppey to visit. If you’re in Alleppey during August, the snake boat race festival is a must-visit. The race takes place every August’s second saturday.

2. Blossom Park Dark Forest

Blossom Park Dark Forest is a beautiful park situated three kilometers from Munnar town at a fair distance. It is located near the Pallivasal hydro-electric dam, near the magnificent Muthirappuzha river and in the center of the Tea Estates of Kanan Devan Hill. A broad range of flourishing flowers further boosts the charm of this park. There are tourists from around the world to the park. The attractive part about this park is that seasonal flowers have been planted as well.

Blossom Park, owing to its natural wildflowers and lush gardens, is one of the most vibrant places to visit in Kerala. A park is also an excellent place for hiking as well as sports such as biking, boating, trekking, bird watching and more. Per year, they also organize an interesting flower show. Hence we can say that it is one of the best travel destinations in Kerala

3. Thekkady

Thekkady has been one of Kerala’s top-visited tourist attractions and one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala. It is also the destination of the country’s largest tiger reserve, that is Periyar tiger reserve. Periyar is your dream destination if you want to visit a wilderness on your holiday. Although the Periyar reserve is the main tourist intimacy, there are several things you can enjoy here, such as bamboo rafting in the Mullaperiyar Dam, shopping, eating at the finest restaurants and seeking out various adventure sports. The spice garden is ready to welcome tourists at all times.

4. Bekal


Bekal is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala, a small town located at Kasaragod district of Kerala. Bekal has everything to do with pristine beaches, backwaters, and ancient forts. The town connects its boundaries with the Arab Seashores. This tiny town is filled with various tourist attractions to visit, and its natural beauty makes it popular. The perfect way to survive the hustle-bustle of everyday life is to spend a little time in Bekal and visit its temples and mosques.

5. Vagamon

One of the best travel destinations in Kerala is Vagamon. It is a gift on earth at an elevation of 100m. high. If you really want to enjoy your weekend break from the boring city life in Kerala, then Vagamon must be the best destination. Visiting Kerala was one of those places you need to visit once in your life. Lush green grass, serenity, a unique combination of beauty and beauty made by humans, and a house of worship. Vagamon is one of the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon.

Vagamon forest are something delight for lovers of wildlife and serves as one of Vagamon’s major attractions to tourists. Can go for operations such as trekking, mountain biking, cycling and paragliding for the love of the epic journey. A few of Vagamon’s popular destinations include Marmala waterfalls, Pine Hill ,Vagamon Meadows, Kurisumala Ashram,Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary, Barren Hills, Pattumala Church, Thangalpara, Kurisumala, Murugan Mala, and Lake Vagamon.

6. Tata Tea Museum

Tata Tea Museum

The Tea Museum summarizes the growth of estates with tea, demonstrated in the modern completely tea factory that is automated by the tea roller. These machines display different tea processing stages and their variable contrast.

The processing of a black tea can also be learned from the displays shown in this tea museum. A sundial mounted on the granite block can be seen at the museum’s entrance. This part has some historical significance that makes it one among Kerala’s best tourist spots.

The Tea Museum houses, its collections are with some interesting documents used for the power production plant throughout the 1920s, such as the ‘ Pelton Wheel, ‘ the museum too contains traditional bungalow decor, iron oven, typewriter, magnet phone, wooden tub, manual calculator, etc.

7. Valiyathura Pier

End up making your weekend unique by visiting Kerala’s most extraordinary tourist spot. The Valiyathura Pier is a must-see landing point in Kerala. This 214-meter long Pieris is located in Valiyathura’s old harbor, Kovalam’s unraveling shoreline.

The angler used this dock in the center of a high tide and is now a well-known spot for measuring and photographing. Maintained by 127 large heaps, the dock had four cranes of 3 tons and one of 10 tons to clear the ships. Although the jetty was located in shallow waters, there had been a need for large boats to try to deal in the remote ocean and transport their product in smaller vessels.

8. Lockhart Gap View Point

Lockhart Gap ViewPoint

The view point of Lockhart Gap is a Munnar viewpoint that is one among the best travel destinations in Kerala. The view is like heart-shaped and is locked, it is named so. Renowned for its breathtaking views of those surrounding valleys, hills, tea plantations, and adventurous trekking trails, the view point of Lockhart Gap helps you to experience the warm and beautiful sunset is different perspective. It is therefore known as the ancient craggy natural cave.

The viewpoint of Lockhart allows to widely enjoy Bison Valley and walk around the thick forests and picturesque trails. For a weekend take a break with friends and family, it is one among the most ambitious tourist spots in Kerala. Such trails also encourage you to explore the different unique flora and fauna species. The crazy part of this elevation is the gentle breeze which makes it one of the best peaceful location for picnics. Get some ecotourism destinations in Kerala also.

9. Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak is one among the gem of Kerala. This is the highest peak that you can view from Eravikulam National Park. It is India’s tallest mountain peak than the large mountain peaks of the Himalayas, nestled in rich flora and fauna. It is the home to the Asian Elephants which are largest living communities, rare, Nilgiri Langurs, lion-tailed macaque,endangered Gaurs making it as one of the best tourist spots in Kerala. Check out some of the essential packing list for Kerala trip.

Since Anamudi Peak are the wild paradise it is the best travel destination in Kerala. It enclosed with forests conifer, spreading into the jungle with very delightful rivers. Tourists walk towards the highest part of the hill and enjoy the view of beautiful water flowing towards the east. Mainly the Vaigai and Thamirabarani then the river Periyar.

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